Sports: Mustangs roll again, win 72-0

September 25, 2013

ABOVE: Mustangs line up during the National Anthem.
Photo credit: Kevin Chen/LVHS Yearbook Staff

LUCERNE VALLEY • Another week, another impressive performance for the Lucerne Valley Mustangs football team.
The Immanuel Christian Crusaders were the latest team to fall as the Mustangs posted their first shutout of the season in cruising to a 72-0 victory at Peavy Field Friday night.

Letter to the Editor: Post Office Concerns

September 25, 2013

I know that our U.S Postal Service is having a hard time with money like everyone else, but have you noticed the state of our U.S. Post Office in Lucerne Valley?
Grass that hasn’t been mowed, which is approximately a foot high, handrails that are bent. There are a lot of messy places in Lucerne Valley, but our post office? Shame.

Richard Kosobud
Lucerne Valley

School Report

September 25, 2013

SCHOOL REPORT: Chris Campos, the Associated Student Body president for Lucerne Valley High School, presented the upcoming school events during the recent board of trustees meeting held at Lucerne Valley Elementary School. Campos, a senior, also is a defensive lineman for the Mustangs’ football team. On the opponent’s second play from scrimmage last Friday, Campos busted into the Immanuel Christian backfield bringing down the quarterback in the end zone for a safety as Lucerne Valley crushed their opponents 72-0. Photo credit: Peter Day / The Leader

Lions pancake breakfast attracts monument supporters

September 25, 2013

Caption: Members of the Perry/Fraser families display the discharge papers for the late Ward Sherman Perry, the husband of Sheryl Perry, second from right and step-father of Bruce Fraser, left, and Tamara Fraser, second from left. (Sheryl Perry’s great-granddaughter, Natalie, is about to enjoy a stack of pancakes). Besides enjoying the festivities, the family came to hand in paperwork for the Lucerne Valley Veterans Memorial Monument honorarium booklet.

From the Disaster Readiness Council

September 25, 2013

The following are a fews items from the recent meeting of the Lucerne Valley Disaster Readiness Council and Community Emergency Response Team.
• Training day was held on Saturday, Aug. 31. The free event used the Formidable Footprints free web seminar topic of “Wild Fire”.
• The Great Shake will be held Oct. 17.
• The Council is currently working on a Facebook page, which will provide links to the group’s Yahoo Groups page.
• The LVDRC is expecting to assist in the Ride the Rocks, which is set for Saturday, Nov. 2. More information later.

Religion: Reader Question: Is there such a thing as a devil?

September 25, 2013

By Steve Colangelo

It is an undeniable fact the Satan exists. He is specifically mentioned in seven Old Testament books and by every New Testament writer. Christ Himself teaches that Satan is a real in Matthew 13:39 and Luke 10:18 as well as other passages. Satan possesses a vast intellect (2 Cor. 11:3), has emotions and a will (Rev. 12:17; II Tim. 2:26). He is known by many names, such as Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, the Evil one, the Tempter, Accuser, Ruler of this Age and Prince of the Power of the Air.

This Week In History: September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013

50 years ago
(Sept. 26, 1963):
• The “unusually spectacular” Lucerne Valley Sheriff’s Posse was set to participate in the 5th Annual Stage Coach Days Parade, a celebration depicting the settling of the San Gorgonio Pass. The celebration official asked the posse to be the last unit in the huge parade, “adding zest to bring our parade to a climactic close”.
• Shopping: All cocktails and mixed drinks at the Villager Restaurant were selling for 50 cents.
• Weather: Sept. 24, 1963 high temperature was 90, with a low of 56.
25 years ago

BMX Finale

September 18, 2013

Photo courtesy Carmen Geist


The Lucerne Valley BMX track hosted its final High Desert Series event of the summer last Sunday evening.

The following are results from competition.

3yr old strider- 1st Rider Clinedist,2nd Nate Manco 3rd Gunnar Clinedist

5yr old strider- 1st Landon Richardson, 2nd Brody Geist

7yr old Novice- 1st Ryker Simmons 2nd Kadin Dalton, 3rd Zac Manco

8yr old Novice -1st Cameron Williams 2nd Aaron Smith 3rd Trevor Walczyk

10 Inter- Dakota Hull,Payton Smith, Levi Hull


Lucerne Valley Elementary School taking steps to improve

September 18, 2013

Leader Editor

Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s sudden drop in test scores caught everyone by surprise, but the staff will do everything it can to improve, LVES Principal Mary Eller told members of the school board last Wednesday.

Eller’s “Lucerne Valley Elementary School Plan to Improve” presentation came a month after the school’s Academic Performance Index results revealed a 43-point API decline from the previous year.


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