Car Show Winners

October 15, 2013

Photo caption:
Winners of last Saturday’s Car Show at the Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware, from left to right Bill Pratt-1933 Plymouth, J.L. Abercrombie-1936 Hudson Terriplane, Bob Delperdang-1930 Model A coupe, Howard Pettigrew-1966 Ford Bronco.


Johnson Valley celebrates Oktoberfest

October 15, 2013

Eighty-eight attendees enjoyed brats, beer and German chocolate cake during the annual Johnson Valley Oktoberfest at the Community Center last Saturday evening.

Locals and several from Lucerne Valley and Apple Valley enjoyed the beer garden on the patio and a German dinner.

The beer selection included very special Johnson Valley beers, made with water from the JVIA Well: German-style summertime lager, a wheat beer, as well as the JV Oktoberfest beer.

This Week In History: October 9, 2013

October 15, 2013

50 years ago (October 10, 1963):
--Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s new Superintendent, Dean Maxwell, was introduced in a feature that spot-lighted his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II.
--Shopping: Giant size Hershey candy bars were 3 for 99 cents at West End Market.
--Weather: October 8, 1963 high temperature was 86, with a low of 50.
25 years ago (October 12, 1988):
--”Thinking small, Donna Bisbee has won big”, taking home six ribbons for the miniature hobbit home she entered in the San Bernardino County fair.

Frontier Day: greased pigs and mutton bustin’

October 1, 2013

Leader Editor

Lucerne Valley’s past will become present when youngsters and their families enjoy Frontier Day on Saturday, Oct. 12 at the Lazy Lizard Ranch.

The event begins at 9 a.m.

“It’s a part of the history of this town that slipped away,” Honorary Mayor Lyle Thomas said about reviving the community-wide event. “We’re trying to get it rekindled and reinvented.”

The event is sponsored by the Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Veteran Profile: Lucerne Valley has Louis Basura's heart

October 1, 2013

Leader Editor

Before Louis Basura fought for America at the 38th parallel, he found his moral compass living a simple, meaningful life in rural Lucerne Valley.

“We lived in the valley all my life except for five years when we were in the Los Angeles area,” said Basura, 81.

Born during the Great Depression when a poor person in larger metropolitan areas might knock on a door and request a sandwich, the Basuras made do with whatever they had — or didn’t have.

Leader readers share their wants on Facebook post

October 1, 2013

Leader Editor

While many affirm their love of Lucerne Valley, opinions are mixed on what the town needs to get even better.

Last week on the Leader’s Facebook page, a question was posted: “What do you wish Lucerne Valley had that it currently doesn’t have?”

Many agreed the town needed more activities for local children.

“I really hope the soccer program takes off. I wish there was something the kids could do besides play video games and watch TV,” L.P. posted.

Market now carries TV digital converters

October 1, 2013

Leader Editor

Those who use CSA 29’s free TV translator service won’t have to drive far to purchase a digital converter box.

The Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware store recently began stocking a middle-of-the-line RCA converter unit to enable residents to view free Los Angeles TV stations.

CSA 29, which provides the service, recently converted its analog broadcast signal to digital. The United States and other countries have coordinated a digital switchover schedule. The U.S. analog-to-digital transition will be complete in 2015.


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