Sheriff's Blotter 9-04-13

September 4, 2013

GTA RECOVERY: A 2007 motorcycle purchased two weeks ago was recovered in the 3000 area of Lake Street. According to the owner, the vehicle had been stolen after the purchase. The motorcycle was damaged but not stripped. The incident was reported at 3:54 p.m. on Aug. 27.

COURT ORDER VIOLATION: A caller reported that the mother of his children did not make a child exchange as planned. Deputies provided an incident number for the resident, who called at 4:41 p.m. on Aug. 25.

This Week In History: September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

50 years ago
(Sept. 5, 1963):
• Marty’s Trading Post was sold by A. J. and Myrtle Marty to new owners George and Isabel Gentner. Included in the sale were the ballroom, a house, and four cabins on five acres.
• Shopping: A 3-bedroom house on a 1/2-acre with a good well in Lucerne Valley was advertised for $2,800.
• Weather: Sept. 3, 1963 high temperature was 96, with a low of 61.

Labor of Love: Lucerne Valley mother turns tragic loss into an award-winning blog

September 3, 2013

By Peter Day
Leader Editor

Holly Sosa handled every curveball life threw at her. Then, in 2008, one hit her smack dab in the gut when she lost her child, Liam, who was born prematurely.

“I felt very alone,” she said.

For years, the new Lucerne Valley resident had shared her life — often the lighter fare — on an online, private journal. But the tragic loss propelled her to take a leap of faith, and in 2009 she began publicly sharing her catharsis.

Volunteers sought for new AYSO program

September 3, 2013


With the fall season already underway, AYSO officials are hoping the Lucerne Valley region can begin play next spring.

“We want a wide cross section of people involved,” said AYSO Area Director Charlie Johnson. “We’re aiming for spring, possibly next February or March.”

To get up and running, the program will need players, coaches, referees and other volunteers.
“We’re always looking for more people to help.”

Solar Tour

September 3, 2013

Photo caption:

Lucerne Valley resident Bill Lembright recently drove to several nearby solar and wind projects to document how such renewable energy projects might appear in Lucerne Valley. Above is a picture of the Evergreen Solar project on Joshua Road in Apple Valley. Additional photos by Lembright can be viewed on the Leader’s Facebook page at

Photo courtesy Bill Lembright


Dusty Days

September 3, 2013

Photo caption:

A dust storm hit Lucerne Valley over the weekend. On Sunday, dust made way to some rain, and cooler temperatures followed on Monday as a diversity of weather conditions have colored the area with climactic uncertainty over the past few weeks.

Photo courtesy Ronald Schiszler

This Week In History: August 28, 2013

September 3, 2013

50 years ago (Aug. 29, 1963):

• The Lucerne Valley cemetery was redeemed from being sold by the State of California when Mrs. Herb Cole paid the past-due property taxes on the land.

• Shopping: A 20-pound bag of Dr. Ross Formula 27 dog food sold for 99 cents at the West End Market.

• Weather: Aug. 27, 1963 high temperature was 96, with a low of 60.

25 years ago (Aug. 24, 1988):

'Have a Peachy Keen Day'

September 3, 2013

Photo caption:

Employees at the Lucerne Valley Market and Hardware Store honored the memory of the late Ernie Gommel, who would have turned 92 last week, by wearing “Have a Peachy Keen Day” buttons. The phrase was commonly used by the Lucerne Valley icon. The buttons were provided by Johna Freeman, the Newspapers in Education coordinator for the Daily Press and Lucerne Valley Leader and a resident of Lucerne Valley. Pictured, from left, Linda Gommel, Jamie Robison, Sarah Wadden and Diana Williams.

Peter Day / The Leader

What's Happening - August 28, 2013

September 3, 2013

Rivers Edge Barbecue

The Rivers Edge Ranch will host a barbecue from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 31. The event will feature baptisms, food, basketball and handball tournaments and music. The event free and open to the public, but donations are appreciated. The Rivers Edge Ranch is located at 33433 Haynes Road, Lucerne Valley. For more information, visit or call Big Al at 951-415-9642.

LVEDA on Sept. 3


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