Diverse collections on display at art show

November 12, 2013

Alberto Barbosa, a recently LVHS graduate, showcased his unique wood art pieces. Peter Day / The Leader

“I love this!” said Freda Leibrick, organizer of the annual Art Show at the Community Center. “We have such creative people here.”

Several generations were represented from veteran painter Evelyn Carpenter’s oils to Cheryl Keithley’s sunset photos and paintings of animals to recent graduate Alberto Barbosa’s wood figures.

Lucerne Valley romps as seniors say goodbye

November 6, 2013

Lucerne Valley Mustang Seniors. Top row: Modesto Pinedo, Daniel Stratton, Tyler Beans, Brett Swenson. Bottom row: Lonye Logan, Kenny Kaiser, Chris Campos, Miguel Molina. Photo: Kevin Chen / LVHS

LUCERNE VALLEY • A brilliant full moon shined down on Ron Peavy Field Friday night for the final Lucerne Valley regular season home game of 2013 as the Mustangs football team honored their outgoing senior class.

Halloween Tailgate Trick or Treat

November 6, 2013

By Peter Day
Leader Editor

Hundreds of trick or treaters of all sizes and ages donned a colorful assortment of costumes for the annual Halloween Tailgate Trick or Treat last Thursday.

“It’s great fun, just great fun,” said Jo Richards, committee chair of the Roadrunners’ Tailgate Trick or Treat event.
“It’s been very successful. We’re very proud. That’s what the Roadrunners do.”

The Regular Season in Review

November 6, 2013


There are a total of 1,076 high schools in the state of California that play football. Only 43 of those schools finished the 2013 regular season without losing a single game — roughly 4%.

The Lucerne Valley Mustangs are in that elite few, completing their first undefeated season in school history this past Friday night and, in the process, clinched their first league title in 17 years. Along the way the Mustangs, led by Head Coach Chris Klinger, defeated three opponents who handed them losses during the 2012 season.


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