This Week In History: October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

50 years ago
(October 31, 1963):
• Red’s Fix-it Shop opened for business in the old Fire Station building at the “Y” of Highway 18 and Old Woman Springs Road. Services included furniture refinishing and general household appliance repair.

• Shopping: 1½ pounds of Rupert’s breaded shrimp was on sale for $1.89 at Leo’s Super Market.

• Weather: October 29, 1963 high temperature was 79, with a low of 47.

Letters to the Editor: Market collects 2,000 tires

October 30, 2013

On Saturday, October 19 there was a Tire Collection in Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware’s dirt area to the north. We collected almost 8 large bins full of tires -- 2000 tires! Many people collected tires that were dumped in the far corners of Lucerne Valley. THANK YOU! Some of your neighbors who volunteered to help put tires in bins were Linda Gommel and Korin Williams from the store, Robert John Erwin, Jan Morosco and Charles Leibrick. Steve Bradshaw of Burrtec was super and arranged to give us 3 bins to fill again and again.

Wind storm rips through Lucerne Valley, closes schools

October 30, 2013

ABOVE: The wind storm felled several trees on a Lucerne Valley property. Photo: Bill Lembright



Lucerne Valley Unified School District schools were closed on Monday due to severe winds that felled large trees, created a general mess and posed a possible hazard to children and district staff.

According to Superintendent Suzette Davis, student safety was the number one concern.

If weather permitted, schools were expected to be open the remainder of the week.

Sports: Talented trio leads Mustangs

October 30, 2013

While there are many factors that have helped the Mustangs score win after win, the key tangible is a trio of difference-maker players: Daniel Stratton, Lonye Logan and Chris Campos.

“Daniel is an exceptional captain and leader,” said Coach Chris Klinger. “He’s the one making the calls. He’s also an exceptional athlete. We really rely on him for everything.”

The most physically talented player on the team is running back Lonye Logan, according to Coach Klinger.

Photo: Karate competitors

October 30, 2013

Local newcomers to martial arts are finding success early. Leland Verhagen, 4, left, received 2nd place in under 5 in sparring at the recent karate tournament at Lucerne Valley High School. Chris Rader, 11 , also is showing talent as a beginner. Both started learning Karate under Master Ruben only a month ago. Photo courtesy Kevin Baroni


Karate kids converge on Lucerne Valley

October 22, 2013

Competition winner John Piedra, third from right, was winner of Master Ruben Gonzalez’s tournament last Saturday. After winning the event, Piedra gave his trophy to Sara Mejia (holding trophy). Also pictured, from left, Grand Master Julio Aranas, Sr., Julio Aranas, Jr. and an unidentified black belt competitor, right. Peter Day / The Leader


Martial artists of all belt colors and abilities came together for the 14th Annual Master Ruben’s Karate Tournament at Lucerne Valley High School.

Lions Club hosts Boy Scout campout

October 22, 2013

Star Editor

Numerous High Desert Boy Scouts spent last Friday night hearing coyotes and sleeping under the Lucerne Valley stars.

The High Desert District Scouts spent the night at the Lucerne Valley Lions Club’s 80-acre property nestled against boulder hillsides.

“We’re doing this to celebrate 100 years of scouting with the LDS church,” said Scoutmaster Luke Keserich.

“The Lions were there big time to help us here. They’ve really helped us in this endeavor,” he added.

CERT members get ready for the ‘Big One’

October 22, 2013

Leader Editor

When the Big One hits, members of the Lucerne Valley Community Emergency Response Team will be ready — and they’re encouraging others to do the same.

The possible scenario for disaster is devastating.

“We have three major routes in and out of Lucerne Valley,” said CERT member Paul Powell. “If there’s a major earthquake, they’re gone.”

How long would Lucerne Valley be closed to outside assistance?

“It could be three days to three weeks,” Powell said.


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