Dog dies on hiking trail

June 7, 2016

JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK — A pet dog died on the Lost Palms Oasis trail on Saturday, May 28, when two male park visitors from Long Beach, took the animal with them on a seven-mile desert hike.

At approximately 12:45 p.m., other hikers came into the Cottonwood Visitor Center and reported that a four- or five-year-old black Labrador retriever dog was in trouble a little over a mile from the trailhead. Park rangers hiked to the site, where they found the dog already dead. They carried the body out on a litter.

Recipe: Cereal and Donuts

June 7, 2016

Story and photos
by Holly Sosa


one can refrigerated biscuit dough

vegetable oil

one can frosting

cereal of choice (for topping)


1. Open can of biscuits and lay flat on wax paper.

2. Using a circle cutter or object (a shot glass worked well for me), cut small circle from middle of biscuit.

3. Drop biscuits into hot oil over medium heat.

4. Allow biscuits to cook approximately 45 seconds on each side until golden brown.

Movie Review: 'The Force Awakens'

June 7, 2016

By Karen Chutsky
The Movie Lady

The “Force” that took the world on a wild ride through Interstellar Galaxies 39 years ago is back!

Or more accurately a cloned cousin of the original blockbuster “Star Wars,” the one that won gads of awards, which was no easy feat when the movie lineup in 1977 was jam-packed with some of the most iconic movies of our time; “Smokey and The Bandit,” “Saturday Night Fever,” “Annie Hall,” “Close Encounters of The Third Kind,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “The Deep,” “Oh God,” and “Goodbye Girl.” (If only we could teleport back to 70’s).

Memorial Day: Lucerne Valley Remembers

May 31, 2016

By Peter Day
Senior Reporter

LUCERNE VALLEY —Despite the upbeat patriotic music, the mood was somber as a crowd filling the intimate Lucerne Valley Memorial Park amphitheater paid tribute the Americans who gave their lives for our freedom.

"Today we remember, and today we honor," guest speaker Tim Donnelly, a candidate for the 8th Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Paul Cook, said during the Monday morning event. "You were young and you were brave, and it was your courage that put you in the line of fire."

Class of 2016: Lucerne Valley graduates 50

May 31, 2016

By Peter Day
Senior Reporter

While some area high schools are graduating hundreds at a time, small town Lucerne Valley High School saw 50 turn their tassels and say hello to a big, new world of opportunity Friday night.

The Class of 2016 commencement was held in the nearly packed Brian L. Walker Gymnasium on the Lucerne Valley campus.

The speakers’ common theme was how much the students had grown and matured and how the Lucerne Valley High School “family” made a difference.

LVES promotes 40 at 6th grade graduation

May 31, 2016

By Staff Reports

Last Tuesday night the 6th grade class held their promotion ceremony at the high school. It was well attended by parents, faculty, support staff, board members, and even retired employees of the district. Forty students were promoted to Middle School and the LVES Booster Club provided refreshments for all.

A special dance perfomance was given by Liliana Velasco and Aubry Hirschhorn and a slide show of all the activities the class had participated through out the year.

Student speeches were given by Thomas Cota and Landon Lindner.

LVES Boosters End of Year Carnival biggest, best ever

May 31, 2016

By Peter Day
Senior Reporter

For the fifth year in a row, the Lucerne Valley Elementary School Booster Club gave students a fun-filled send-off.

"We ran out of everything," said event organizer Keri Gasper. "It was great."

More than 300 snowcones were served and other goodies.

"There was tons of it!"

Besides the beloved carnival games, this year the students were able to win goldfish by throwing pin pong balls into fish bowls containing the fish.

"They won real gold fish," she said.

5 Things To Do - June 1, 2016

May 31, 2016

1. Giant Yard Sale at His Closet – His Closet will host a huge yard sale to help the ministry with the cost of food, utilities and other expenses.

When: Thursday, June 2 - Saturday, June 4, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: His Closet/His Pantry at 34551 Highway 18

Cost: Free admission; item purchase prices vary

Information:(760) 248-7070, or on Facebook under His Closet/His Pantry


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