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LVMS student Prudencio awarded D.C. trip

February 6, 2013


Carolyn Prudencio’s dedication to showing up for school paid off in a big way.

Prudencio has been awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., this spring. The Lucerne Valley Middle School eighth-grader was chosen because of her perfect attendance during the first semester of school.

LVMS history teacher Naomi Oyadamari said all the students with perfect attendance had their names put into a hat, and a winner was drawn at random.
“(Prudencio is) just a super candidate all the way around,” Oyadamari said. “It’s so neat that she was the name picked. She’s just an all-around good person and she has great grades. I’m sure she’s going to make honor roll as well as perfect attendance.”

Oyadamari said the trip will last four days and three nights and is planned for the end of March. The all-expenses-paid package costs $1,685, Oyadamari said, and three local families will be sending their children on this year’s trip.

Oyadamari said the middle school wanted to develop an attendance incentive, so she helped with a variety of fundraising activities including bake sales and car washes. The money raised will pay for Prudencio’s trip, which will be her first on an airplane.

“I think it would be exciting and fun, but I’m kinda scared because I might get sick or something,” Prudencio said when asked how she feels about air travel.
Prudencio, 13, said she enjoys history and math.

“I would really like to have an adventure and meet the president,” she said.

Asked if that would be possible on the trip, Oyadamari said, “I would hope so, but it’s a longshot.”

Oyadomari said she is trying to set up a white house trip and will plan to take in many of the sights of the city.

“They get to see things that are in the history books,” Oyadamari said.