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Memorial service to be held for Gommel

November 21, 2012


LUCERNE VALLEY • Ernie Gommel will have a memorial service after all.

The Lucerne Valley Market and Hardware founder, who died on Nov. 10, will be honored with a celebration of his life on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. at the Lucerne Valley Community Center.

Gommel’s daughter, Linda, said her father did not want a funeral service. Though the Dec. 8 gathering will not be a funeral, Linda Gommel said the outpouring of grief and support from the community convinced her to hold the event.

“Just so many people expressed a real desire for their to be (a service), and we just sort of figured, ‘OK, we’re doing it for their sake,’ ” she said Monday. “It will be as little like a church service as it could be. ... It will be fairly unstructured and mostly an opportunity for people to get together and say stuff. I don’t see a big program.”

She said she had heard from people far and wide expressing their desire to come, including one former staffer who says he plans to travel all the way from Wyoming.

The general public is invited. The Community Center is located at 33187 Highway 247 (Old Woman Springs Road) in Lucerne Valley.