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Gone but not forgotten

June 3, 2014

By Peter Day

Hours after hundreds of visitors left Pioneer Park for the morning large-scale dedication event, a smaller group converged at Lucerne Valley Memorial Park.

“It was the end of a great day,” LV Veterans Monument Committee Chair Patti Riddle said afterward.

Several Veterans Committee members were present along with local veterans, OMYA mine manager Peter Sutherland, who donated a large white rock, and Capt. Tom Pinard (ret.) of Wrightwood who served as an invaluable resource for the committee.

“That service meant a lot because that’s all of our past veterans,”she said. “They died for us.”

Riddle was especially grateful for OMYA, whose donation she said was perfect for the location, and to Capt. Pinard.

Riddle expects next year’s service to be held entirely at LV Memorial Park.